Thursday, October 12, 2006

Captain T

There was cause for much rejoicing Tuesday evening and into the early morning of Wednesday. I have only 25 minutes to tell you about it. This is a very concerning thought because the well of my brain is very deep and the bucket that I dip into it with is very tippy. Whenever I blog, I have to be extremely careful and, therefore, slow.
Anyway, on to Tuesday evening. Big Baby, Antlers, and I traveled up to Lacy for him to take his tests. The last two tests separating him from the continuation of his future. Big Baby and I went shopping at Mervyns while he was tested.
We waited in the car during the last 15 minutes. I was listening to Fireflight and praying that my stomach wouldn't digest itself. Big Baby was squeaking and groaning with nervousness. Finally, we gasped in unison. We saw him through the window. He was shaking the man's hand. At this time, my sister was hyperventilating. We ran out and by the time I reached him, B.B. was shrieking and he was twirling her around. She and I did the can-can while he called his parents. He picked me up and practically chocked me while she called Mom. Then we whooped and hollered some more. I think he passed.
We went to Applebee's and sat by a poster of Leanne Rhymes while we ate chicken and salmon and rice and linguine.
To make a long story short. We didn't leave Olympia until 11:00. I finally fell into bed and listened to the last song of Set It Off at 1:00 am.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Events that Occurred When the Hay Crew Camped their Heads Off

It was promised, and a few months later, it was brought to pass.
As I sit here in the Commons of a certain mountainous region, my mind spins like grey colored water chasing itself down the drain. It spins in such a manner because those five days spent camping seemed to be so long ago . Like last year, I think I'm going to just make a list of the many, many highlights. Here ve go.

Hightlights of Our Most Excellent Camping Trip

  • Nothing was said without a song
  • We all saw where Big Baby and Antlers' priorities dwell
  • I laughed until toes ran down my sedan
  • The crawdads lived and died to their fullest
  • Jonny and I flunked Indian driver's ed.
  • There is more than one way to wear a red union suit
  • Dreethefair's poor lip got in the way of my poor elbow
  • A moment of silence, please, for my thumb ring
  • Caves, caves, caves
  • Tourists-those who wish to have their chariots backed into. It's ok, Mosh. Don't be mad that I mentioned it.
  • By the fourth day, my scalp crumbs had their own personalities. By the fifth day each one had multiple personalities
  • A swim in the lake will demonstrate just how tall one's goosebumps can get (and just how good a campfire feels)

That is as much as I can list. I wont tell you how many times I wished I was able to keep my mouth shut. Sometimes I am so uncouth. It's a thorn in my flesh that twists and triggers that dual-action nerve which turns off my common sense and turns on my blabber mouth.

So, if I have forgotten anything. Please comment and remind me.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


This'll just have to be a quickie. I have realized that I must change my little color scheme here because it looks just like my Grandmother's kitchen countertops. And it scares me just a little bit.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Stranger

Yes, kids I am housesitting again. Well, Big Baby and I are. Although she's here mostly for the evenings since she has to work every day.
I am done with my chores for now and I was just walking from the kitchen to the computer room wondering what to blog about hit me.
My brain was searching all of its memory files and inventorizing what I need to catch up on when I realized that I had not blogged at all since the stranger arrived in town.
It was June and I had just witnessed a wedding (settle down! It wasn't Antlers' wedding!).
I first saw him on Antlers' porch. He came cloaked with the shadows cast by the setting sun. He calls himself Josh. Typical. I call him Mosh. His real name is probably on a two of spades carried by an American soldier.
Those were my thoughts on that day. In the weeks following they kind of evolved so to speak. I don't think of him as a Jihad terrorist anymore. He's one of us now and I have confirmed once again that first impressions are not always the best.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Bad One Begins Again

Oooookaaaaay. I must beg on my knees again for your gracious forgiveness. I've been a bad little girl for letting so much dust collect on this floundering blog. So will you accept my pathetic apology?
Now, let's see. When did I last leave off? May??! Ooooo, that's bad. Wow...tsk. Hmmm. Hoo boy...sigh. Jeesh.
Well, there's nothing for it. I'll just start from the nearest past thing. Big Baby and I are house sitting yet again. This time for the Blenders. We started yesterday. Now that I don't have school to do, I'll have to be especially clever to keep myself busy. Last night, I had a dream that J-uh-Juh was dying and I knew I wouldn't be able to see him before he died. It woke me up I was so upset. In fact, I was so upset that I scheduled for a blood-letting on Monday. At least it'll be for a good cause.
Now I can't think of anything else to say. This might just have to be a short post, kids. My bacon must have been laced with brain dead stuff. More later ok? K.O.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Nothing But Gibberish

Ah yessss, the night that Big Baby and I walked to Haystack Rock in the dark with Myotore's camera. Hehaw we had so mush fum! Now, dear children, just let me sit back and remember all the details for a moment. Mhm, it's all coming back to me now. Let me plug into my Pillar music to help my poor old brain along. Sometimes it takes awhile to upload. Ms. Deen panks my butt so hard sometimes. You can't bring me downnn!
It all began when we just didn't feel like staying for the country concert after that night's teaching so we skipped out and went on the beach. We were just in time for the last of the sunset. As we walked along, we started taking some random pictures with certain themes like Happy, Angry, Blank Stare, Crazy... Farther up the beach, up against the sand dunes, were rows of camp fires with groups of people around them. I really wanted to let it out can you hear me? can you hear me cry? go up and just kinda walk along the fires until we found an abandoned one to build up and make our very own. But the ever-practical sister of mine said no so we didn't. Cuz you simply love despite all the stupid things I've done.
Some of the pictures that we took and later deleted were a weird one of B.B. in the foreground and me in the background jumping so I was a blur and very scary looking. Also, a juicy pic of the inside of B.B.'s mouth, a cute one of B.B.'s hinder parts we're the only to fight this thing until we've won, and one she took that morning of Matthew who so graciously served special milk to Berecca. We've got to lead the way AAAAAAAA we've got to lead the way!! We deleted all of these pictures I can see you steppin' to me just by the look in your eyes to keep Myotores brain from spinnin' around in confused circles. We've inflicted enough damage anyway.
I really need to change his name. I just can't spell it right. And I can't think of anything that it rhymes with to help you pronounce it. Milkman, may I take advantage of my right as a woman and change my mind and use the name you so cleverly thought up for him? Step back take a look inside of yourself from the outside you can see someone starin' back at you it's your reflection.
A big group of guys left today for Prineville. I guess a lot of prine trees grow down there. Break all these chains that keep me bound. Please drop down on your knees right now and pray with groanings that cannot be uttered that Big Baby will not bite my head off cuz she misses her man. And pray for me as well (you can use different groanings if you want to) that I will be nice to her or something like that cuz she misses her man.
Speaking of groanings, poor Mommy is sick today. I hope she will not be sick tomorrow. I am sharpening up on my nursing skills by listening to TFK (You guys wrock to the ceiling! If the worse happens and I never see you in concert, I know I'll see you in heaven!). Sometimes I fall alseep and then I loose control I try to find my way out without letting go. Did you know that rock music (the harder the better) releases vitamins into the air? A very influential person wrote me a letter and told me that. It actually works! When I feel numb, I'll let you know I wont become what I was before you cannot kill what's not your creation this is the art of breakin'.
Are there no live batteries in this house?!
By the way, thank you J-uh-Juh, from the bottom of my heart for mowing.
They so should not call those little chocolate candies "kisses". Do they have any idea how many hearts have skipped a beat when someone turns to them and says, "Wanna kiss?" It's false advertising at its worse. While all the chocolate kiss people are lined up in their white lab coats and hair nets, rolling on the floor laughing their heads off, kicking their bootied feet up in the air. It's enough to make one sick and angry. Angry enough to shove their precious kisses up their hairy noses!
Now do you know why this blog is called gibberish? My imagination can run away quite easily. It was spoiled as a child.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Don't Read This Unless You Want to Roll Your Eyes

Ha! You probably weren't expecting to hear from me today! Like you were expecting to hear from me at all.
Guess what; it's not raining! It was cloudy this morning but it burned off and now it's quite hot.
Here I am talking of such petty things as the weather.
This has been just about the most uneventful weekend in my life. It's mostly my fault. Mom says that if you're bored, then you're a boring person. Therefore, I am very boring today. I don't keep very good company with myself. It's other people who energize me and at the moment, there's no one around but strangers. Jonny, I need you here with me now!
Since I was so tired this afternoon, I went up to my room and laid down with Thousand Foot Krutch soothing my heart.
Enough for now. You're probably practically vomiting over my disgusting pity party.
Time to go outside and make something happen. Something on the sidewalk for some monies.